Key cabinet

KEEPERBOX is an electronic key cabinet that allows you to determin "who can borrow what key".


With a simple clic you can see :

-          Who took wich key and when he gave it back,

-          Where is each key,

-          who has in his possession which keyrings

Full traceability is available. It helps you get the statistics you want a simple way.


KEEPERBOX can be configured from 10 to 120 keys on the same body of cabinet. You can couple the body of cabinets, one other, so as not to be limited. 

Management software lets you manage all the user rights, and limiting use of keys.


A booking software simple and efficient gives you the ability to independently manage your fleet or meetingrooms.


KEEPERBOX is one of the safest cabinets of the market. Entirely designed in metal, it can be fitted with or without a reinforced steel door.


100% customizable, you can go to choose the color of your future keeperbox.


KEEPERBOX return on Investment is extremely fast. You save time, you optimize the use of your tools, you no more duplicate keys, etc.


Last but not least, KEEPERBOX SUNPOWER can be installed with zero wiring : no electrical and no network wiring needed.