Keeper codeS

A unique technology that allows you to issue an access code that can unlock the KeepercodeS handle without having any physical connection between the computer and handle.

KeepercodeS operates with 3.6 V battery supplied.

Here's how it works in summary:
- You can issue an access code for a room from a PC or a PDA.
- The code works only during the hours that you have decided.
- The code does not work outside the timeframe you've decided.
- You do not need to intervene on the handle to program or deprogram code.
- There is no need for physical connection of any kind between KeepercodeS and the computer issuing the code (no wire or wireless or Bluetooth ...).
- The KeepercodeS keeps a full traceability on "who came when" in the room.

- Installing a KeepercodeS is extremely simple, it is replacing any door handle, on a door with a mortise lock.